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* How much would each feature help you in your pet-saving work?

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Allow the public to search for declawed cats, pets good with kids, cats, or dogs.
Offer a pet of the day widget with pets from your shelter.
Offer a customizable online adoption application.
Have an “Events” section to publicize upcoming events.
Have one main "publicist" (account administrator) who can delete other publicists.
Offer you your own an easily customizable Shelter/Rescue Home page on that would feature a blogging capability
Include a QR code on the printable adoption flyers and kennel cards that link to the animal's page on
A tool for you provide your adopters with an Adoption Announcement that they can email to family and friends. It would include a photo of the pet along with information about your rescue/shelter and a link to donate to you.
Add a downloadable reports section with reports by breed, sex, age, animal type, adopted date.
An easier way to add pets at your different locations - maybe a dropdown menu on the "add pet" page, instead of having to go to the admin home page and switch to each different location.
Let potential adopters run and save searches for pets at a specific shelter.
Display your adopted pets on a page that you can link to from your website.
A option to automatically share newly added pets to Twitter or Facebook.
Offer custom URLs for your shelter home page on
Let rescues indicate if they primarily or exclusively rescue specific breeds, and have those breed rescues appear on the "breed specific" pages, like
Allow you send an email alert to nearby rescues groups that may be able to help in an urgent situation.
Add a private notes field (that only you can see - that are not visible to the public) to the pet form, like foster home's info.
Allow you to set volunteer email alert preferences - so you only get volunteers that are over 18 that want to work with cats, for example.
Ability to upload videos (Flip, WMV) not just add a YouTube link.
Allow you to add your wish list items that you would like donated, that would appear on your info page and pet listings.
Add “litterbox trained” to cat profile.
Ability to add several photos at one time, rather than one by one.
Offer more help for you in the way of grants, food donations and monetary donations.
Ability to mark a pet as "adoption pending" and still have them show up in searches for adoptable pets.
A way to download prospective volunteer names and emails to an excel spreadsheet.
When you add or update a pet and click the add or update button, an option to stay on that page without returning to the pet list.
A library section with training and pet care information you could print or email to your adopters.
DON'T change too much! is great just the way it is.
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