Dear Students,
Our purpose is to help you as you learn to become more effective users of ideas and information. Please help us better understand how you use our library by participating in this survey. We will carefully consider all responses.

* 1. When do you visit the library? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. How many times do you visit the library each month?

* 3. Please check all the reasons you visit the library.

* 4. Answer the following questions about the library staff and resources.

  Yes No
Do you have enough time to visit the library?
When you visit, do you usually find the materials you are looking for?
Do you find the library staff approachable and helpful?
Does the teacher librarian offer guidance with your research?
Do you feel confident using the library's resources?
Do you feel confident using online subscription databases?

* 5. Which of our subscription databases do you use?

  Yes No
American History Online
Britannica Online
Britannica Image Quest
Britannica Spanish
Britannica Annals of American History
Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
Modern World History Online
Noodle Tools
Science Online
SIRS Issues Researcher
Teaching Books
Tumble Books Library
World Book Online
SFPL Articles & Databases

* 6. How confident do you feel:

  Very Mostly Somewhat A Little Not at all Does Not Apply
Using our databases from home?
Using our library's web site?
Using Internet searching skills?
Evaluating information sources effectively?
Using all of the steps of the research process?

* 7. Are there materials you have looked for that are not in the library's collection?

* 8. Do you use other libraries?
If so, which other libraries do you use?

* 9. Is our school library a pleasant and comfortable place to visit?

* 10. Please answer each of the following questions about our school library.

* 11. Are the rules of the library fair?

* 12. Please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Not too bad Poor
Facility (tables, chairs, climate, noise level, attractiveness, cleanliness)
Accessibility (hours, pass system)
Assistance/guidance provided by teacher librarian
Collection (books, periodicals)
Collection (online, subscription databases)
Library website
Access to technology
Helpfulness of teacher librarian

* 13. What overall grade would you give our library?

* 14. What is your grade level?

* 15. Are you