1. GCSA GaTAPP Program Registration 2012-2013

Thank you for registering for the Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) offered through The Georgia Charter Schools Association.

The program listed below are facilitated by GCSA staff. Course descriptions, training formats, course completion requirements, and costs can be found in the Professional Development Course catalog found on the GCSA website at www.gacharters.org (Services tab - CharterUniversity).

*Registering for the GaTAPP program does not confirm your enrollment in the program. This will happen via a formal review process and upon completion of the application packet and transcript review.

Payment for the program is due prior to participation in the program. If you wish to pay in installments, please contact the GaTAPP Program Director at jsergi@gacharters.org.

Thank you again for your interest.

* 1. Please complete your contact information.

* 2. Please complete your contact information.

* 3. I am a GCSA member. Please check to see if your school is a member at www.gacharters.org, under Schools, Member Schools Directory.

* 4. Please select the role(s) that you currently serve.

* 5. Professional development course(s) for which you are registering:

* 6. Please describe how you will be paying for your GaTAPP Program Application Fee? The GaTAPP Application Fee is $200.00 which includes the $85.00 application fee for processing and the $115.00 LiveText. This NEEDS to be paid upfront to review your case and provide a LiveText account. This fee is non-refundable. If Bill School, please provide information below so we can Invoice and start the entry process.

* 7. A form of payment must be entered to hold your PRELIMINARY seat in this program. If Bill School is selected, please provide the required information below as confirmation of Bill School. Please provide credit card information below to hold your potential seat and cover your first payment of $200 for your Application fee and LiveText electronic account which is part of the total $4000. This fee will be charged prior to beginning the program to gain a LiveText account and complete formal Program Entry to determine if you are eligible, process paperwork, and advise based on your individual situation. You will be emailed exact billing date and once this first payment of $200 is charged to the credit card, NO refunds will be provided even if you decide not to continue with the program or are NOT eligible based on program requirements. When the program begins you will be sent an email with exact billing date (which is typically the 7th of each month) and once credit card is charged, NO refunds will be provided. If you decide at any time during the program to withdraw, no REFUNDS will be provided for fess already paid as services have been delivered. You can pay in ten installments of $380 over the course of the school-year dependent upon start date via valid credit card on file.

* 8. What is your birthdate (we need to set-up LiveText account for Program Entry and transition. The majority of our program is online and delivered via LiveText.

* 9. Do you currently hold a valid non-renewable certificate, NT or NNT that is not expired?

* 10. If yes, what certificate do you hold and in what fields (include field numbers)?

* 11. If you hold a non-renewable Certificate, what is the certificate ID #? If you do not, please leave blank.

* 12. Do you have an expired non-renewable certificate. If yes, when did it expire?

* 13. If you hold an expired certificate, what is the certificate #?

* 14. Have you passed or exempted all sections of the GACE Basic Skills?

* 15. Have you passed the GACE in the content area you are seeking certification?

* 16. What GACE tests have you passed, including field numbers?

* 17. If you have not taken the GACE Basic Skills, when do you plan to take all three sections, reading, writing, and math? (October and January are most preferable)

* 18. If you have not taken the GACE Content, when do you plan to take all three sections, reading, writing, and math? (October and January are most preferable)

* 19. What grade levels are you seeking certification?

* 20. What content area are you seeking certification?

* 21. What content area are you currently teaching?

* 22. What grade level(s)are you currently teaching?

* 23. Have you passed the GACE Pedagogy?

* 24. Please provide a brief statement about your teaching and learning philosophy.

* 25. Do you hold a Bachelor's degree and if yes, from what institution and in what area? Do you hold any other higher degrees, and if yes, from what institution and in what areas? (i.e., Ohio University MED Secondary Education in Biology) PLEASE BE specific with institution and degree.

* 26. Do you have any immediate questions about the program, payment plan, process, etc. that I can email you a response to at this time?

* 27. Please email an unofficial copy of your transcripts to jsergi@gacharters.org to begin the process. Do you have a copy currently or do you need to order?