* 1. Where do you currently reside

* 2. What is your zip code

* 3. How do you get to work? What type of transportation do you use?

* 4. What route do you normally take to the Jetport?

* 5. What time do you start and finish work


* 6. How often do you vary your work hours by more than 30 minutes

* 7. How long does it take you to travel to work on a typical day? Minutes-one way

* 8. What days do you work?

* 9. How do you currently commute to work

* 10. Do you use public transportation for any part of you commute? If so, check all that apply

* 11. On average, how often do you leave your jobsite for work related reasons?

* 12. On average, how often do you leave your jobsite for personal reasons

* 13. If you drive alone to work, which of the following describes your main reason (check all that apply)

* 14. Would you be willing to share a ride for part or all of the week to and from work with others who might live near you if the schedule was accomodating?

* 15. If you drive to work alone, please check the TOP THREE alternatives that you might consider

* 16. Would you sign up for a program for ride matching purposes that would connect you with others who may live near you who are interested in carpooling to work?

* 17. If you currently drive alone, how likely would you be to change to ridesharing, transit or other commuting alternatives IF THE FOLLOWING INCENTIVES OR SERVICES WERE IN PLACE? (circle all that apply)

* 18. For you the most important reason to become an alternative commuter is?

* 19. If you were given discount tickets, and if there was a bus stop near your home, would you be willing to use the bus system to commute part of the week?

* 20. What prevents you from using public bus transportation service/ (check all that apply)

* 21. Would you consider walking to work part of the week if you are within walking distance?

* 22. Would you consider riding a bicycle to work part of the week if you are within bicycling distance?

* 23. Would you like to learn more about programs and incentives to encourage alternative commuting choices?

* 24. Please fill in below (OPTIONAL)