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* 1. Name

* 2. Academic Standing

* 5. This semester, this class has been part of a pilot project to determine the efficacy of integrating library instruction within a Research Methods in Psychology course. The goals of this project were:
• To provide focused research assistance for two major psychology projects;
• To introduce students to the language and tools appropriate for research in psychology;
• To introduce students to the variety of resources available for use over their academic careers through the RWU Library.

Do you think this project achieved its stated goals?

* 6. Over the course of the semester, the following concepts and processes were introduced. Please rate each aspect of the course below. Kindly use N/A where necessary.

  Not useful at all Somewhat Useful Useful Very Useful N/A
Access to research assistance
Searching the PsycINFO database
Using the PsycINFO Thesaurus
Introduction to RefWorks
Compiling an Annotated Bibliography
Plagiarism Activities
Using Interlibrary Loan
Using "Article Linker" within a database
Introduction to other RWU databases (i.e.,Science Direct, ERIC, GenderWatch, etc.
Using the HELIN Catalog
APA Citation Style

* 7. Please rate the following aspects of the course.

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree N/A
The material covered in the library instruction component was related to the assignments in the Research Methods course.
The library assignments were helpful in preparing for the Research Methods assignments.
The library sessions helped develop my skills as a researcher.
The library sessions introduced me to important concepts and skills in psychology research.

* 8. Several activities were introduced into the instruction to provide support for your academic activities. Please rate each of these activities in terms of their helpfulness.

  Not helpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Very helpful N/A
Individual Consultations with Librarian
Plagiarism Test

* 9. Did the library instruction component of Research Methods have a positive effect on your work for the course? Please explain.

* 10. I wish I had learned more about:

* 11. This pilot project could be improved by:

* 12. Please feel free to share additional comments and/or suggestions.