* 1. Title of Professional Development Activity

* 2. Date of Professional Development

Date / Time

* 3. Location

* 4. Name of Provider

* 5. Please answer the following questions by marking the scale according to your perceptions of this professional development activity.

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree No Opinion Somewhat Disagree Strong Disagree
The goals/objectives for this professional development were accomplished.
This activity increased my knowledge and skills in my areas of certification, endorsement or teaching assignment.
The relevance of this activity to NYS teaching/common core standards was clear.
This professional development provided useful ideas which I expect to apply to my own professional situation.
The material was presented in an organized, easily understood manner.
The professional development included discussion, critique, or application of what was presented, observed, learned, or
The instructor(s) was well prepared and his/her style, methods and rapport were suitable for this workshop.

* 6. The best features of this activity were:

* 7. Suggestions for improvement include:

* 8. What, if any, suggestions do you have for additional courses/workshops which might be organized in the future?