The sustainable progress framework developed jointly with and under the facilitation of the sustainable coffee challenge. Part of the framework is a clear description of outcomes and impacts we hope to achieve. To judge our progress towards these goals we have a list of proposed indicators.
One common framework to help track our progress towards -the vision for a sustainable coffee sector -as well as show collective impact and provide feedback for individual continuous improvement.

GCP members have committed to reporting on agreed indicators once this are available as well as report collectively on an annual basis.

While all of these indicators are important, we have committed to collectively report on a few indicators to start with.   We will encourage members to use the common indicators identified through this process in their overall Monitoring and Evaluation system.  We are asking you to rank these in terms of meaningfulness and feasibility for the whole sector.
The following 6 questions ask you to rank indicators which were identified through the process so far as high potential in terms of relevance and links to SDGs and existing frameworks.  Your input is important for us to ensure that the indicators are demand driven.