This survey allows you to vote on cost-efficiency suggestions proposed by TxDOT employees and members of the public.

TxDOT values your feedback but can’t guarantee that winning suggestions will be implemented.

Please tell us whether you agree, disagree or are neutral in regard to each of the proposed suggestions.

We appreciate your time and input.

Question Title

* 1. TxDOT Travel Coordinators should check all existing hotel reservations 2-3 days prior to the employee traveling to see if hotel rates have been reduced due to market fluctuations, so travel savings can be obtained. (ID 537)

Question Title

* 2. TxDOT should make all HCTRA toll roads electronic; eliminating staff who work at toll booths causing traffic to stop/idle at these stops. (ID 535)

Question Title

* 3. TxDOT should design and patent a tool that allows for automated sign adjustments by partnering with private sector company to manufacture this tool. (ID 530)