It's show submission time!

Firstly, a big ol' thank you for supporting us in this re-imagining of Christchurch's very own festival of comedy, the GoMedia Comedy Carnival! 2017 was a wonderful success achieving a 75% sell out rate of shows. 2018 brought us a stack of challenges that we simply couldn't overcome. After a lot of work recovering from the earlier announcement, we are happy to announce the Comedy Carnival will make an appearance in 2018... albeit a little smaller than originally planned.

This time we will run for one week, with very limited spaces available, and priority given to South Island shows. This does not mean that you shouldn't apply if you're from outside of the mainland, we would very much like to offer a couple of spots to our Northern brethren. 
The festival will this year run from Nov 1st till the 10th. On opening night there will be a gala show to kick things off and give people a little taste of most (if not all) of the shows on offer. We will be trying to take a very hands on approach with ensuring that every show has big audiences and as part of that the registration price is $150 with $50 of that being used on boosted social media posts about your show specifically. Your show artwork will also be featured on digital billboards around Christchurch, and we will create radio ads to played on Pulzar FM for each show.

Obviously if you have any questions about all this then call the festival director Snap RuseWebsites -  022 375 0048, or you can flick us an email - But otherwise, if everything seems pretty cool and you just want to submit your show, then carry on through to the survey and we'll be in touch soon!

Submissions due - 31st Aug