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Dear Grand County Residents:
In 1994 Grand County voters approved revenues to fund the library district through property taxes. The district’s staff and trustees have proven they are meticulous stewards of those mill levy funds through building and establishing a distributed network of five community libraries in which we all take pride.
Today, after nearly two decades of efficient operation at the current 2.41 mill levy, the GCLD Board of Trustees are returning to the voters to request a mill levy increase of 1.5 mills in a November ballot question. The proposed amount, which represents $12.00 a year on $100,000 of actual residential property value, will provide for the continuation of a thriving public library system proudly serving Grand County residents into the future.
Here’s why the increase in the mill levy is needed. In 2011 the library district realized a 17 percent reduction in property tax revenues. To manage this loss, library systems and processes were centralized and library hours were cut. In 2014 it is anticipated that revenues will decrease by an additional 10-15 percent. If nothing changes, the decreased revenues together with the increasing costs in delivering library information services in our widely distributed Grand County system, will require significant cuts to library services and a further reduction in open hours. Grand County residents should be aware of the potential loss to their community and express their choice on this issue by voting in the November ballot issue election.
Grand County Library District is interested in hearing your opinions.
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