Thank you for applying for GCC membership.

Green Cities California (GCC) was formed in 2007 and is comprised of city and county government sustainability officials from across the state. GCC is a network of leaders and innovators in local government who learn, share and adopt sustainable policies and practices. Together, we are a catalyst for bold, successful implementation of policies and initiatives that create vibrant, verdant, and healthy communities throughout the State.
Any City or County in California that meets the qualifying criteria for membership in GCC is encouraged to apply for membership. All GCC members have demonstrated leadership in achieving effective solutions to the environmental challenges facing urban communities.  Prerequisites to GCC membership include the adoption of:
1) A climate action plan or sustainability plan, or commitment to have one adopted within a year
2) State, national or international commitments that demonstrate leadership in building resilient communities.
If you should have any questions about this application or the Network, contact Meg Jamison, the Network Membership point of contact, at
If you become a member, the information you provide may be shared with other members of the Network to help you learn about each other's interest and experiences.

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