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1. Welcome to a New World


Greetings from Goodshine Concept Creation Pvt Ltd!

If there is one subject driving the conversation among meeting and event planners and organisers today, that has to be disruption. In a matter of weeks, the global landscape has changed enormously, and professionals in the meetings industry now face the pressing need to make tough decisions quickly.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, preparedness and crisis management should be integral aspects of event planning. Many organisers now wonder whether their meeting can still go ahead. In most cases, the answer should be yes, whether that means at a later date or in an alternative format. Hence we have an option for you to consider.

- Virtual Events
Over the past few weeks, a significant number of meetings and conferences have been redesigned as virtual events. If adaptable, this meeting format is probably the best alternative in these challenging times. By their very nature, virtual events allow attendance irrespective of travel restrictions and facilitate the delivery of vanguard information. Moreover, this format is perfectly compatible with event marketing and sponsorship strategies while allowing planners to be ready for any eventuality. And as long as they are strategically planned using the right technologies, virtual events can even reach a wider audience than traditional live events.

Benefits of Virtual Events:

1. Financial Benefit
2. Increased Attendance
3. Measurability
4. Ease of Transition

As event planners and organisers, the call to embrace innovation is stronger than ever before. In-person events cannot be simply transferred into the digital world since virtual events need a different blueprint. Now is the time to start devising innovative strategies that can deliver engagement and meet financial objectives through virtual delivery. Getting ready for a new landscape in the meetings industry also means rethinking how we connect with and attract people to events, by listening to their expectations and limitations and also by learning from what other industry players are doing.
Going Forward, we would request you to kindly assist us with this endeavour and share with us a short feedback on your views about Virtual Events.

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