Foster Consent Contract with ALERT Society

Completion of this agreement does not obligate Fosters to provide Services during a disaster. The purpose of this agreement is intended to establish the willingness of a potential Foster to be contacted by ALERT Society volunteers to supply Services during a disaster to ALERT and to comply with ALERT's privacy guidelines regarding publication or access to media for photographs, names, identifying descriptions of people or animals that have been evacuated or are otherwise affected by a disaster.  © 2017 Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team Society

* 1. Foster Contact Name

* 2. Physical Address

* 3. Mailing Address

* 4. Contact Main Phone

* 5. Email Address (main)

* 6. Primary Contact in case of emergency:

* 7. Alternate Contact in case of emergency:

* 8. Alternate Contact 2 in case of emergency:

* 9. I understand that this agreement does not entitle me to Remuneration or publicity as a result of providing services and that all goods and services provided by the foster will be considered a donation unless Remuneration is agreed to by both parties in writing prior to goods and/or services being provided.

* 11. Type of facilities (for boarding)

* 12. Restrictions - for boarding/fostering

* 13. I agree to a pre-inspection of my home/kennel/facility by ALERT volunteers.

* 14. I agree to allow ALERT Volunteers access to my property while I am fostering.

* 15. Signature & Date (type name if online)