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Renewing Member Agreements

Application for membership in the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) shall be open to any domestic violence victim advocacy agency or victim advocacy program of an agency in the state of Georgia whose primary purpose is to work on behalf of domestic violence victims through direct services, advocacy, or social change efforts.

Membership is contingent upon the following agreements:

  1. The member program pays membership dues, calculated at .002 X organization’s annual operating budget ($75 minimum/$2,000 maximum dues). Please note: If your program falls under the auspices of an umbrella organization your annual GCADV Membership dues should be calculated solely on the budget designated for your domestic violence program i.e. If the overall organization offers sexual assault services, child advocacy services, and domestic violence services your dues would be calculated on the portion of the budget related to your DV program services.  
  2. The member program agrees to support the Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values of GCADV.
  3. The member program agrees to maintain confidentiality of sensitive issues discussed during membership, committee and task force meetings (such as financial information, legislative strategies, etc.).
  4. The member program agrees to obtain the express permission of GCADV before using the “Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence” name or GCADV logo on print or electronic materials.

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* 2. The following will serve as your electronic signature indicating that your organization agrees to these membership agreements and commits to supporting the GCADV Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values. If you have reviewed this information and agree, please type your name, title, and today's date in the boxes below.

GCADV reserves the right to deny or revoke membership from any individual or agency that does not appropriately represent our mission, guiding principles or core values. Upon denial/revocation, any paid membership dues will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
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