Welcome to the team!!!

We are excited about you working with Dougherty County Board of Commissioners!

Congratulations on completing New Hire Orientation. We ask that you please answer the following questions. Your feedback is very important to us!

All responses are confidential. If you wish to speak to someone regarding any concerns, please contact the HR Project Manager.

Again, welcome aboard!

1. Please enter your New Hire Orientation Date.


2. Did the New Hire Orientation meet the objectives that were stated at the beginning of the session?

4. The amount of time and attention given to each subject in the course was:

5. Were the HR specialists knowledgeable about their respective subject matter?

6. Were the HR specialists open to questions?

7. Please rate your overall evaluation of the program (i.e. content, delivery, subject matter).

8. Please list the best feature/part of New Hire Orientation.

9. Please list any features/parts of New Hire Orientation that can be improved.

10. Please provide any additional comments.