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My name ist Lily A. Seidel, I am an artist and Graphic Designer from Germany and I create designs and print media after your wishes. For some time now I market selfmade stickers and window decals with spiritual designs on my website and eBay, at the moment mainly the "Flower of Life" symbol. To be able to better respond to customer wishes I compiled a few questions for you. The reply will only take a few minutes. You can help me to optimize and extend my product line. In the last step you have the chance to submit your personal wishes and suggestions.

Thank you very much for your participation!

As a thank-you gift you receive up to five items from my assortment with 20% discount. Please let me know your name at the end of the survey. You also can enter any fantasy name that you just give me with your order per email to

With best regards,
Lily A. Seidel

PS: If you are interested in my artworks please view my large gallery at DeviantART:


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