Garden City Community College is enhancing its strategic campus plan.  The plan, “Clear and Present Future” will assist in promoting the college, students, and our community.  In order to gather valuable feedback and information, we are asking for stakeholders to complete an information survey of GCCC.  The results will be compiled and used to further design our campus strategic plan for 2017 and beyond.   Your help in providing feedback on GCCC will make a difference. 
Thank you for your assistance in advancing Garden City Community College.  

* 1. Please indicate your affiliation with Garden City Community College.
(Check all that apply)

* 2. I believe that GCCC’s presence contributes positively to the overall quality of life in the area.

* 3. I believe that GCCC has a clear direction and mission.

* 4. I believe that GCCC is an asset to the community economically.

* 5. I believe that GCCC is open and transparent in regards to its operations.

* 6. I believe that GCCC communicates the positive effects it has on the region.

* 7. GCCC frequently communicates through social media, local press, mailings, radio and/or other avenues with the community.

* 8. GCCC communicates its strategic plan, goals and long-term focus to the community.

* 9. GCCC produces quality graduates with sufficient skills to succeed and serve as productive members of society.

* 10. GCCC Faculty and staff are active and engaged in my community.

* 11. GCCC leaders and administrators appear confident and competent, and are well-qualified.

* 12. GCCC faculty and staff are typically high-caliber, well-qualified professionals.

* 13. I believe that GCCC is an integral part of the community and provides a variety of cultural events.

* 14. I generally attend _____ GCCC events per year.
(Mercer Gallery, Fine Arts events, Athletics, etc.)

* 15. I believe that GCCC actively seeks community input.

* 16. GCCC is responsive to feedback from the community.

* 17. I am proud to attend, or to have previously attended, GCCC as part of my education.

* 18. GCCC’s courses and programs are of high quality.

* 19. The main reasons I would consider attending GCCC are:
(Check all that apply)

* 20. The main reasons I would NOT consider attending GCCC are:
(Check all that apply)

* 21. GCCC provides a safe learning environment.

* 22. Please provide any additional feedback or comments for GCCC.