Satan Survey III

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am conducting questionnaire research on contemporary Satanism. The current phase of my research builds on prior work that was published ten years ago as “Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile.” This earlier article can be found online at the Marburg Journal of Religion website: (

I also conducted a second survey ('Satan Survey Two,' or SS-II) two years ago that has not yet been fully reported. I have to confess that some of the items in the second questionnaire were ill-designed. If you responded to SS-II, you will find that many of the items from that questionnaire have been repeated here.

If you would like to participate in this research, please complete the following questionnaire (SS-III). Unless you otherwise identify yourself, your answers will be completely anonymous. Initial findings from this questionnaire will be reported at the "Satanism in Western Culture" conference, to be held in Stockholm, 25-27 September 2011. (

This survey builds on earlier studies of other kinds of groups (hence questions that may otherwise seem completely irrelevant to Satanism). Yet other comparisons are drawn from the General Social Survey (GSS), which permits comparisons with the more general population (some GSS items are actually quite odd--such as a question about human sacrifice). This has resulted in the survey being rather long--so I deeply appreciate your taking the time to complete it.

Categories found in questionnaires like this one frequently do not do justice to the complexities of real life. For this reason, a number of open-ended items have been included that allow for more nuanced responses. You are also welcome to contact me directly at

Please inform other Satanists about this research project and feel free to pass it along via e-mail or to post a link on appropriate blogs and websites.

Thanks for your help.

James R. Lewis

3. Are you currently a citizen or resident of the United States? (This is a filter question that enables me to handily create a subset to compare with U.S. population averages.)

4. Year of birth

5. Biological Sex

6. Sexual Orientation

7. Current Marital Status

8. Number of Children (please list 0 if you have none and include all your offspring whether minors or adults)

9. How many grandchildren do you have? (If you have none please list zero.)

10. If you have children, do/did you encourage your child/ren to be involved in Satanism?

11. How many of your children (both minor and adult children) are Satanists?

12. How many of your children are under the age of 18?

13. Highest Degree (Highest Level of Education Completed So Far)

14. If you are a student which of the following are you attending?

15. If you went to (or are currently attending) college/university, what was (is) your primary field of study?

16. Years of military service (please list 0 if you have not been or are not now in the military).

17. Which most closely describes your current home neighborhood?

18. Political Orientation (I am aware that these categories are slanted to the U.S. system, but I haven't been able to devise a more generic set of options.)

19. Political Activities

  Never Occasionally Sometimes Frequently Very Frequently
Sign Petitions
Participate in special events (e.g., marches, rallies)
Participate in grassroots organizing
Participate intown meetings, hearings, forums and open meetings.
Serve as active campaigner
Serve as active lobbyist
Serve as active spokesperson for causes of personal concern
Hold or have held public office
Call, write, and/or email national legislators
Call, write, and/or email local government
Give money to a political party either as membership fee or donation

20. Did you vote in the last local election?

21. Did you vote in the last national election?

22. Please indicate your opinion on the following social issues using the scale below:
6 - Very strong agreement with statement
5 - Agreement with statement
4 - Qualified agreement with statement
3 - No opinion about statement
2 - Qualified disagreement with statement
1 - Disagreement with statement
0 - Very strong disagreement with statement

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Women should not be included in a military draft.
Same-sex marriages should be legal.
To redress previous discrimination, there should be preferential hiring of women at all levels of employment.
Women in the military forces should be included in combat positions.
Non-discrimination on the basis of sexual preference should be part of any civil rights legislation.
The right to religious freedom should not include human sacrifice.
Marijuana should be legally available on the same basis as alcohol or tobacco.
Homosexuals should be excluded from the military.
Polygamy should be legal
Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children on an equal basis with heterosexuals

23. Do you believe there should be legal access to abortion?

24. Should the government cover the expense of sending one's child to day care/pre-school?

25. To what extent should the government cover the health care expenses of its citizens?

26. To what extent should the government cover the higher education expenses (tuition, books, and the like) of its citizens?

27. Assuming one is genuinely unable to find work, should the government provide some form of financial support for an unemployed citizen?

28. Social Activism

  Yes No
Would you consider yourself an environmentalist?
Do you regularly recycle?
Have you ever participated in a demonstration for an environmental cause?
Have you ever given money to an environmental group?
Have you ever signed a petition for environmental reform?
In voting for elected officals do you consider their stance on the environment?
Would you consider yourself a feminist?
Have you ever participated in a demonstration for women's rights or reproductive rights
Have you ever signed a petition for gender rights or reproductive rights?
Have you ever given money to a group that advocates for women's rights or reproductive rights?
Do you consider a politician's stance on gender equity issues when voting?
Would you consider yourself a gay rights advocate?
Have you ever participated in a demonstration for gay rights?
Have you ever signed a petition for gay rights?
Have you ever given money to a gay rights organization?
Do you consider a politician's stance on gay rights when casting your ballot?
Would you consider youself an animal rights advocate?
Have you ever participated in a demonstration of animal rights?
Have you ever donated money for animal rights?
Have you ever signed a petition for animal rights?

32. Your Annual Income Before Taxes In Local Currency (NOTE: Leave out punctuation marks!):

33. What is your race and/or ethnic background?

34. What religion(s)/religious denomination(s) or spiritual paths were you raised in or Religion of Parents/Guardian? Please check all that are appropriate.

36. Number of years since you became aware of--and interested in--Satanism.

37. How many years have you been a self-identified Satanist? (This can be the same as your answer to the prior question.)

38. How did you initially become involved? Specifically, what was your initial point of contact?

39. If you have a mate or spouse, how does s/he relate to your participation in Satanism?

40. How often do you meet with other participants for ritual or "religious" purposes?

41. How often do you meet with other participants for social (non-ritual/non-religious) purposes?

42. How often do you communicate with other Satanists?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Never
In Person:
By Telephone:
Public Internet - Blogs, Message Boards, Etc.:
Private Internet - E-mails, Private Messages, Etc.:

43. Please list any thinkers who have been especially influential for you.

44. Please list any Websites, Blogs, or Internet groups that have been particularly influential for you. Do you continue to visit any of these on a regular basis?

45. Which best describes your view of the Afterlife?

46. How often have you had any of the following experiences? [1] Never in my life; [2] Once or twice; [3] Several times; [4] Often; [5] I cannot answer this question

  1 2 3 4 5
Thought you were somewhere you had been before, but knew that it was impossible.
Felt as though you were in touch with someone when they were far away from you.
Seen events that happened at a great distance as they were happening.
Felt as though you were really in touch with someone who had died.
Felt as though you were very close to a powerful, spiritual force that seemed to lift you out of yourself.
Received prophecy, visions, or messages from the spirit world.

47. What is your view of magic?

48. Other religions/spiritual paths involved in, either now or in the past. Please distinguish between current and past involvements.

49. Would you say that Astrology is very scientific, sort of scientific, or not at all scientific?

50. Which of the following have you found to really be of help to you?

51. Which of the following groups, activities or therapies have you tried?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Regularly Frequently
Alexander Technique
Art therapy/group
Astral travel
Bahai group
Buddhist group