Eagle Pride wants your feedback.  This upcoming year we want to know what candy you want in concessions.  We are giving the Junior class the opportunity to pick the concession candy for your upcoming senior year.  Thanks for your participation in our survey. We will be posting the results of this survey and majority wins so choose carefully.

* 1. What is your favorite chocolate candy bar?

* 2. Which M&M's do you prefer?

* 3. What non chocolate candy do you like best?

* 4. Would you like to see french fries as a concession choice this upcoming year?

* 5. What toppings would you like to see available for fries at concessions? You may pick more than one answer.

* 6. What other concession food would you like to see served next year that we haven't covered in the survey?

* 7. What concession food do you not like?