Teacher Evaluation 

* 3. Program of Study

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Demonstrate accurate and current knowledge in the subject field
Develop appropriate lessons to effectively teach the instructional objectives
Use various instructional strategies to augment the set learning outcomes
Utilizes content scope and sequence in planning

* 4. Classroom Management

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Establish Procedure and rules that enhances the learning
Encourage student attendance
Encourages and acknowledges individual student's accomplishments and appropriate behavior
Treats students in a fair and equitable manner
Accommodates individual learning differences
Creates and maintains an environment that supports learning

* 5. Instructional Management System

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Prepares and implements lesson plan
Begins lesson or instructional activity with a review of the previous lessons as appropriate
Has materials, supplies and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or instructional activity
Introduces the instructional activity and specifies instructional objectives
Provide relevant examples and demonstration to illustrate concepts and skills
Provides instructional pacing that ensures student understanding
Maximizes students time-on task
Assist student to develop productive work habits and study skills
Provide remedial classes for students
Encourage students to express ideas clearly and accurately
Designs, delivers, and assesses student learning activities addressing the state instructional goal
Integrates a variety of technology application and learning tools to augment achievement

* 6. Student Progress

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Follow grading policies and regulations
Maintains accurate and complete student records 
Monitors and evaluates student progress
Provides a constructive feedback on students work
Communicates regularly and effectively with students and exhibits appropriate interactive skills
Follows confidentiality procedures regarding the students
Determines and utilizes appropriate community resources

* 7. Professional Work Habits

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Interacts appropriately with students
Is punctual with grades, reports and in reporting to class
Performs assigned duties
Strive to meet schools goals
Commands respect by examples, appearance, behavior and languages

* 8. Technology Standards

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Unsatisfactory
Demonstrate a sound understanding of technology operation and concepts
Plans and designs effective learning environment that utilizes or use technology and its advancements
Apply technology to facilitate a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies
Use technology to enhance productivity and professional practice

* 9. Comments and suggestions