* 1. Why did you decide to send you son and/or daughter to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School? Select your top 3 reasons and please let us know specifics.

* 2. Is there anything that made you hesitate in choosing to send your child(ren) to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School? These could be factors like cost or perhaps class offerings.

* 3. If a Catholic family with school age children is new to the area, how would you persuade them to attend Blessed Sacrament Catholic School? What do you see as Blessed Sacrament's greatest attributes? These could also be things you find yourself bragging about to family and friends about the school.

* 4. We are attempting to improve our communication with parents and this includes engaging them on carious means of social media. Please rank your use of the following types of social media (1 = the type of social media you use the most)

* 5. How do you consume the news? (Select all that apply.)

* 6. What is the preferred way you would like us to share news, updates, and general information with you about Blessed Sacrament Catholic School besides our new website?

* 7. Which statement best describes your household?

* 8. Please provide us your name and contact information.

* 9. May we contact you for a future follow up if we have any additional questions?