Study Introduction & Participant Consent

Purpose and Background

The purpose of this research study is to gather community feedback surrounding whether or not police and sheriff’s officers within Alameda County should be required to wear body-worn cameras while on active duty. Please note that this study is not associated with any current proposed policies and is for educational purposes only.

You are being asked to participate in this study because you are a resident of Alameda County. As a part of this study, you have agreed to answer the following set of questions regarding your opinion on the implementation of body-worn cameras in local Police and county Sheriff’s department(s).


No names or personally identifiable information (e.g. SSN, phone numbers, email addresses) will be collected during the discourse of this study and you will not be asked to provide any as such. Individual survey responses will not be reported; all findings will be reported in aggregate format. All collected individual survey data will be stored for the duration of the study and will be deleted upon its conclusion.

Costs & Compensation

There will be no cost to you for participating in this research as will there be no compensation for participating.


Participation in this research is voluntary. You are free to decline to participate in this research study, or to withdraw your participation at any point by closing out the survey window.

Completing this survey and clicking “Submit” indicates your consent to participate in this study, in line with the conditions outlined above.