The Stigma Ends Now: Video Response Survey

Thank you for watching The Stigma Ends Now's informative video series on mental health stigmas. We would appreciate your participation in our survey about the impact of our videos. We are gathering results about how viewers responded to our videos, and how it helped educate them about mental health stigmas. Your responses are anonymous and confidential. For more information, please visit

-The Stigma Ends Now Team

* 1. After having watched the video series, how much of an impact do you think mental health stigmas have on schools and colleges?

* 2. Did our video series help you learn about treatments for mental health illnesses?

* 3. Did our video series teach you how to help a friend who may be experiencing mental health issues?

* 4. After watching this video, how prepared do you feel to respond to potential mental health illness within yourself and others?

* 5. Did our video series change your personal opinions about mental health issues in youth?

* 6. Please leave a comment about how our video series changed your outlook on mental health stigmas, how it helped you to find mental health treatment, or how it helped you to respond to mental health in others.