Thanks for your help! Just a few questions...


Thank you so much for clicking through and offering me some of your time to help my music. 

So the idea behind this survey is simple: I know there are people out there looking for music like mine, and I want to figure out how I can bridge the gap between me and them. All the questions in this survey will really help  me do that. 

In return, I'll be offering a free download of an exclusive piece of music for each participant - just add your e-mail address at the very end and I'll send the track out to you as soon as its ready. Don't worry; I am the only person running this survey and I will be using the e-mail address strictly to make sure you get the song. 

Again, Thank you so much for your time. It means the world! 


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* 1. When you listen to my music, what other artists or bands spring to mind?

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* 2. What images, ideas or moods frequently come up when you're listening to my stuff? 

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* 3. Any favourite online haunts for music finding? 

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* 4. Pick three of your most recent favourite songs/albums. How did you hear about them? 

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* 5. When you go to an artists page or site, what kind of content is most interesting to you?

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* 6. Please enter your email address if you'd like a free song :D