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The survey will take as little as 2 minutes if you do not provide services. Please encourage your colleagues to complete this survey even if they are not SAC members.

As you may know, SAC participated in Health Standards Organization (HSO)’s development of Canada’s new National Long-Term Care Standards by submitting Consultation Workbooks for speech-language pathology and audiology (link). SAC’s Audiology Services in Long-Term Care Working Group has also been formed. This survey is conducted by the working group and its purpose is to gather information about the current and future possibilities for hearing care for older adults, including services in the long-term care setting. In this survey, you will be asked about your current and future interests in providing services to older adults in various settings.

Please respond to the questions about current services if you have had experience delivering these services. If you have past experience but no long deliver services, please add comments at the end of the questionnaire regarding why the services were discontinued.