1. Self Description


Veteran Views – Note: Filling out this survey indicates that I am giving my informed consent to be a participant in this study.

* 1. What is your primary duty at your civilian job (please note if you are working in a for-profit, non-profit or governmental sector)?

* 2. What is your primary job in your Guard or Reserve position (please include rank, Operation Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom location(s) and dates of service)?

* 3. To what extent did your duties at your deployed location represent your primary MOS or AFSC military training?

  No Match Very Low Match Low Match Match High Match Very High Match N/A
Match to your Military Job

* 4. To what extent were your deployed duties new?

  No Change Not Very New Relatively New New Very New Totally Different N/A
Newness of Work

* 5. To what extent do you believe your deployment experience produced new knowledge directly applicable to your civilian work setting?

  No Application Little Application Applicable Very Applicable Very High Application Both Perfectly Match N/A
Level of Application

* 6. List, in order of importance, those skills and knowledge acquired while deployed that you could adapt to your civilian work setting?