1. Qualifying questions

Hello and thank you for your interest in our focus group about women's face care. To help us see if you qualify, please answer the questions below. If chosen to participate, you will receive up to $300 to thank you for your time and feedback.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age from within the following ranges?

* 3. What is your exact age?

* 4. When was the last time you participated in a market research study, discussion group, or in-depth interview?

* 5. Are you (or someone in your household) a member of an ongoing consumer panel or do you (or someone in your household) participate regularly in consumer surveys?

* 6. How many market research projects have you completed in total?

* 7. Have you or any close friends or family members worked in any of the following industries?

* 8. What is your job title?

* 9. In what industry are you currently working or did you work?

* 10. Which of the following sentences describes you best?

* 11. Which of the following products do you use? And how often?

  Always Often Occasionally Never
Body cleansing product (shower gel, soap, peeling…)
Body care product (body milk, body lotion, body oil…)
Face cleansing product (cleansing gel, peeling, cleansing milk, tonic…)
Face care product : general all-purpose moisturizer
Face care product : moisturizer mainly for hydration
Face care product : anti-aging moisturizer
Face care product : acne-specific moisturizer
Face care product (all others types)

* 12. How often do you buy your face care products (cleansing and care) at the following stores?

  Always / Exclusively Often Occasionally Rarely or never
Supermarkets, hypermarkets
Department stores

* 13. Which of the following brands do you use for face care and how often?

  Always / Exclusively Often Occasionally Never
Estee Lauder
Creme De La Mer
Clarins Paris
IT Cosmetics
La Prairie
Christian Dior
Peter Thomas Roth
First Aid Beauty
Cle De Peau Beaute
Juice Beauty
Paula's Choice
Tata Harper
Lancer Skincare
Skyn Iceland
L'Occitane En Provence
Urban Decay

* 14. How would you describe your skin type?

* 15. How would you describe your nutrition habits?

  I completely agree I agree I disagree I completely disagree
I eat everything I like without thinking about the nutrition and healthy aspect.
I pay attention to my diet, I eat in a balanced and healthy way.

* 16. Which of the following sentences best describes your approach to buying food supplies?

* 17. How well do each of the following sentences describe you?

  All the time Regularly Occasionally Never
When I purchase hygiene products, I pay attention to the ingredients and the composition.
When I purchase hygiene products, I buy organic products.

* 18. Please see the following list of food supplies. Do you consume them and if yes, how often?

  All the time Regularly as a treatment Occasionally Never
Health supplements

* 19. For which of the following reasons do you take those vitamins and / or supplements/ or probiotics?

* 20. Please read this list of activities that help to describe your way of life. Please say if you practice them and if yes, how often.

  Regularly Occasionally Rarely or Never
Going to the spa
Detox diets
Meditation/ mindfulness
Alternative medicine

* 21. What is your current marital status?

* 22. Which of the following best describes your ethnic heritage?

* 23. Which of the following income groups best represents your household income before taxes?

* 24. And what is the highest level of education that you have completed?

* 25. How did you learn about this research?

* 26. May we contact you in future about other market research studies?

Thank you very much for answering our questions! We will follow up with you by telephone very soon if you appear to qualify for this study.

* 27. Please provide your contact information below.