APRIL 26 or MAY 24

OVERVIEW: This training series was developed to ensure that law enforcement officers and allied professionals are informed of current trends and best practices to utilize when  providing service to victims of domestic violence; ultimately resulting in more prosecutions, enhanced protection and optimal outcomes for survivors. Register to attend 1, 2, or 3 days of training to meet your professional development needs. Law Enforcement Officers receive priority seating for any session when registered by March 10.
Presented by: Melissa McMenemy, Statewide Facilitator for Victims of Domestic Violence, OAG
This presentation will provide participants with a better understanding of what stalking is and the methods stalkers use to find their victims, follow their victims, track moves, and use of technology.  In addition, the presentation will provide information on how stalking impacts the victim, how to work with a victim during an investigation, Virginia stalking law, and resources available.
Presented by: Donna Mixner, Victim Specialist, FBI
Sextortion is a criminal act that occurs when someone threatens to release or distribute material the victim seeks to keep private, usually sexually explicit images, videos, texts and e-mails.  The subject threatens to financially or physically harm the victims and their families unless they comply with the demands.  Participants will learn the difference between sexting and sextortion; how sextortion happens; who the victims of sextortion are, and considerations investigators must take when working with victims of sextortion.  Case examples will be presented.
Presented by: Donna Mixner, Victim Specialist, FBI
Johnny ‘Chip’ Lavender, Special Agent, FBI
Kathryn Weber, Special Agent, FBI
This training will present and overview of Human Trafficking to include Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking.  Participants will learn the elements of each crime, the difference between trafficking and smuggling, and the dynamics of the victims and the methods of control used by their traffickers.  Participants will learn the types of Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking and the federal jurisdiction for each.  Case examples will be presented.
April 26 or May 24 - Choose the day that works for you.
New Kent Sheriff's Training Room