Tell Us Your Thoughts of GATK4

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Your responses will help the Broad team improve our communications, support efforts, and selection of future feature enhancements.

* 1. How long have you used GATK?

* 2. What was your first reaction to hearing about the plans for GATK4?

* 3. How familiar are you with the features of GATK4?

* 4. Have you tried the features in GATK4 Beta?

* 5. In your own words, what are the features you value most in GATK4?

* 6. When are you planning to migrate to GATK4?

* 7. What motivates your decision regarding the timing of your migration to GATK4?

* 8. What features would you like to see added in a future version of GATK?

* 9. GATK4 and all future versions of GATK will be open source. Does this make a difference to you?

* 10. Based on your experience with GATK, how likely are you to use other Broad software and services, such as FireCloud, Cromwell, or WDL?