We are proud to launch the fourth annual GATHER Fellowship. The Fellowship is open to alumni of Seeds of Peace and other social innovators who are taking meaningful steps to address conflict in their communities. 

Who are social innovators? What do we mean by "social innovation?"
We define social innovators as people developing creative solutions to societal challenges. This might mean creating a brand new approach to a problem, or adapting or reimagining an old strategy for a new purpose. It is possible to be a social innovator in any professional field, or through your own venture.

We believe social innovation offers a way of thinking and practical set of tools that both individuals and groups can use to create change. We are specifically interested in supporting people, projects, communities, and movements aimed at transforming conflict.

What is GATHER?
GATHER is a community of people who use their individual and collective power to meaningfully change the systems that perpetuate conflict. As individuals, we recognize that change requires multiple approaches and each of us working in our way across all aspects of society. As a community, reaching beyond traditional boundaries and divides, we are a living example of the world that we are working to build and proof that it can exist.

Seeds of Peace launched GATHER in 2015 in order to deepen and accelerate the impact of our alumni and other changemakers who are taking action to transform conflict in and between their communities, either through their professional work or personal initiatives.

What does the Fellowship entail?
- Intensive five-day incubator program comprised of peer learning, professional skill-building, and networking with local experts in Stockholm, Sweden. All associated costs are covered by the GATHER Fellowship.
- Online platforms to promote your work and participation in a series of virtual skill-building workshops and high-profile lectures.
- Holistic project development powered by the Social Entrepreneurship Forum combined with access to modest funding to help drive impact.
- Access to Seeds of Peace’s worldwide network of industry leaders and change-agents who will open the doors necessary to help make your work a success.
- International platforms and visibility to showcase and amplify your work.

Fellowship timeline:
Applications Due: November 1, 2018
Final Decisions: February 2019
Fellowship Incubator (Stockholm): April 5-10, 2019
Ongoing Virtual & Local Meet-ups: February-November 2019
Fellowship Closing: Fall 2019 (Location TBD)

How to approach this application?
Please read through the questions carefully. Your answers do not need to be long, but they should be thoughtful and clear. Your responses will give us an insight into your hopes and dreams in addition to the practical steps you are taking to make them real. Where possible, provide data and stories that can bring your work, impact, and vision to life. Don’t be shy or modest; we want to hear about the uniqueness of your idea and your ability to advance meaningful change.

Technical note:
The application is divided into 5 pages. Upon completion of a page & clicking "next" the page will automatically be saved.
Click here for the entire application in PDF form for your review.

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