1. General Information about Complimentary Tickets

Current T+D Lecturers, GAs and 101 TAs may request up to 2 tickets for PERSONAL review of performances produced by the Theatre & Dance Dept. at Kennedy Theatre and the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre.

GA, 101 TA and Lecturer comps are not transferable; you must be attending the show yourself and may not give them away to someone else. 101 TAs, GAs and Lecturers who are also Cast/Crew must redeem their Cast/Crew comps instead of 101 TA/ GA/ Lecturer comps (as Cast/Crew comps ARE transferable).

Tickets are subject to availability and must be requested online at least 48 hours in advance of performance requested. If requesting within 48 hours, you should come to the box office in person, or call 956-7655.

Complimentary tickets that are not picked up 15 minutes prior to curtain may be released.

Spring Footholds: Best Foot Forward Performances:
Wed April 26 at 7:30pm
Thur April 27 at 7:30pm
Fri April 28 at 7:30pm
Sat April 29 at 7:30pm

Power & Folly: Japanese Satire for the 21st Century (kyogen) Performances:
Fri April 14 at 7:30pm
Sat April 15 at 7:30pm
Fri April 21 at 7:30pm
Sat April 22 at 7:30pm
Sat April 22 at 2:00pm

Night, Mother comp-eligible Performances:
Wed April 19 at 9:00pm
Thur April 20 at 9:00pm

* 1. Name of Lecturer/GA/TA Requestor

* 2. Name of Performance

* 3. Date and time of performance requested

* 4. Number of tickets requested, up to 2 comp tickets allowed for personal review. That means you can come one time with a companion, or attend by yourself twice.

* 5. If special accommodations are needed please detail. (i.e. wheelchair seat, no stairs, etc.)