1. Introduction

The following Survey Questionnaire is part of the 2022 update of the Georgia Statewide Historic Preservation Plan, developed and published by the Georgia Historic Preservation Division (HPD).  HPD is required by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 to develop a comprehensive plan for historic preservation in Georgia.  This survey is a part of a public planning process to help define the goals of the Georgia Statewide Historic Preservation Plan. 
The survey will close on August 15, 2021. 

HPD’s vision for historic preservation in Georgia, defined in the 2017-2021 plan, states, “Georgians will value historic places for the important roles they play in our social and economic lives. Property owners, local communities, and state agencies will possess the knowledge and the legal and financial tools to preserve their historic properties. The Historic Preservation Division will play a critical role as the state historic preservation office in increasing citizen engagement with the historic places that make the state unique including local landmarks, state historic sites, and national historic landmarks and sites. Through its education and citizen engagement programs, the Historic Preservation Division will help the department instill a conservation ethic among Georgia citizens.”

The current 2017-2021 HPD Preservation Plan can be downloaded in its entirety at Georgia Statewide Historic Preservation Plan.  For more information about the various state and federal programs administered by HPD, please visit Georgia Historic Preservation Division. Please direct any questions about this survey to Jennifer Dixon at Jennnifer.Dixon@dca.ga.gov.