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Register to attend activities by iGEM Community's Governance & Policy Steering Group

Global Policies Hackathon - Sep 23rd-25th
Map policies addressing biodiversity and Biosecurity. Identify problems in your community and create solution proposals based on the mapped policies.

Biodiversity Youth Forum - Sep 24th
Network with representatives of different youth organizations making efforts on biodiversity and join to the discussions on the scientific and social aspects surrounding the topic and ultimately participate in a position of iGEMers about biodiversity.

SynBio Debates - Sep 23rd to 24th
gather your brainstorm powers and sharpen your minds to confront equally bright teams in a series of epic debates on important topics that concern ethics, policy and synthetic biology.

You can pick one or two, or attend all!
(You can register individually OR in a team.)

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(Registration for the Synbio Debates (Sep 23rd-24th) is now closed but you can attend).

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