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Have you heard about the Great Australian Beer Festival coming to Albury?

Would your business like to be involved in a collaborative marketing initiative in the week leading up to the event?

Then we would love to hear from you.

The idea is to showcase everything Beer that Albury CBD has on offer in the week leading up to the Great Australian Beer Festival. 

If you would like to be involved tell us how you would like to celebrate all things Beer in your business (for example, you may like to promote craft beers, recipes with beer as an ingredient, food and beer matching, lunch / dinner /beer special, added value offers for patrons, tasting paddles and more).

Beer Week's success will rely heavily upon Albury CBD businesses playing their part to collaborate, promote and encourage participation in the lead up to this great event.

By working together, we can drive greater visitation and participation to Albury CBD… help us to help you to make this event a success.

Don’t sell Beer but would still like to be involved? there is also a section in the survey for you too!

Complete the survey below, let us know how you would like to become involved.
If we receive over 10 businesses who are interested we will be back in touch with the why, how and when’s real soon.

* 1. Have you heard that the Great Australian Beer Festival is coming to Albury?

* 2. Would you be interested in participating in Beer Week the week before the Great Australian Beer Festival Albury?

* 3. If YES, what would you like to offer or how would you like to be involved?

* 4. What style of communication suits you to find out more?

* 5. Please enter your contact information below:

Opportunities exist to support the Great Australian Beer Festival through in kind partnership opportunities. 
Kieran and Michael (Event Directors) are seeking businesses who would be willing to accept unused event tokens in exchange for products/ services.

Tokens are the currency of the festival, used to buy food and drink at the event. Event tokens are valued at $2 at the event. Some patrons have on average 1 or 2 tokens left after the event. This is an opportunity to entice patrons into your business by offering a token redemption offer for 1 week after the festival. (Example: 1 token = $2 off when spending $10 in-store, limit one token per purchase).

What's in it for your business:
1. You will be marketed through the Great Australian Beer Festival Official online marketing channels
2. Your business will receive online exposure through multiple marketing channels
3. Alignment with a national reputable event
4. Proactively drive business through your doors

* 6. Would you be interested in partnering with the Great Australian Beer Festival - Albury?

* 7. Comments and/ or questions?

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