Student Assistants play a key role in supporting the work of the Stated Clerk and providing the best possible experience for commissioners and advisory delegates to the General Assembly. They assist OGA staff and other volunteers with a variety of tasks and participate as a part of the leadership team for each committee. Student Assistants also help provide support for PC-biz, the electronic forum for conducting business at the assembly.

Student Assistants, do not have to be currently enrolled as inquirers or candidates.  The OGA focuses primarily on PCUSA related institutions for selecting Student Assistants. 

All expenses for travel, meals and housing will also be covered by the Office of the General Assembly for Student Assistants.

* 1. Applicant's name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Mobile phone number:

* 4. Mailing address:

* 5. Gender:

* 6. Race or ethnicity:

* 7. Graduate Theological Institution

* 8. Date expected to graduate

* 9. Presbytery of candidacy or inquiry (if applicable):

* 10. Name and email address of presbytery Committee on Preparation contact person:

* 11. Is there other information about yourself that would help the Stated Clerk in their selection process?