UUA General Assembly 2010 Feedback Survey

We want to make sure that your GA experience is positive. Your feedback is important to us!

Please respond to the following:

GA succeeded in creating an environment where I felt respected and valued, regardless of my race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or age.

  Yes No Unsure
I agree with the above statement

The Unitarian Universalist Association and the General Assembly Planning Committee (GAPC) are committed to reducing the impact of our annual meeting on the environment. To do so, the GAPC has instituted the following options for registrants:
• Paying for carbon offsets
• Not having a mailed program
• Reduction in handouts (including worship programs in the GA program) and increased use of projected information
• GA block hotels advised to reduce linen use and provide for recycling
• Convention center-wide opportunities for recycling, reduction, and reuse

Please respond to the following:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
I found it easy to recycle.
The hotel did not change linens daily.
I contributed to carbon offset.
I was able to access information without excessive use of paper.

Unitarian Universalism is committed to making every facet of our activities accessible to all, so that people living with physical, sensory, emotional, or cognitive disabilities can fully participate in our worship, services, and leadership.

I had no difficulty accessing:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
Events at the Convention Center
Events other than those at the Convention Center
My lodging accommodations

The following services met my expectations:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
Information prior to GA
The GA website
Registration for GA
Check-in for pre-registered attendees
Walk-up registration and daily registration procedures
Ease of obtaining my delegate credentials
Reasonable cost of GA registration
The program book
GA organization and management
GA orientation

The following events met my expectations:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
District/Regional In-Gatherings
Opening Celebration
Banner Parade at Opening Celebration
Service of the Living Tradition
Synergy-Bridging Worship
Sunday Morning Worship
Other morning worship
Workshops and Speakers
Ware Lecture
Late evening (after 9:30 pm) programming
Public Witness (Saturday, 11:30 am – 1 pm)
Discussion groups on Saturday and Sunday

The following aspects of GA met my expectations:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
Scheduling of sessions
Ease of making hotel reservations
Hotel accommodations
GA staff
Volunteer staff
GA location (Minneapolis)
Exhibit Hall
Food and beverage availability

Program Choices:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
The programming themes or tracks (listed as “Topics” in the program book) reflected my interests and concerns.
Listing or grouping sessions by track or topic in the program book helped me decide which sessions to attend.

Did you choose sessions based on a single theme or track or did you sample different tracks?

As a result of attending GA I am returning to my congregation:

  Yes No Unsure N/A
Inspired by practical skills and practices that can help my congregation grow and become more vibrant.
Inspired by new ways of thinking about ministry and with new skills for creating and sustaining shared ministries.
With new awareness of how my congregation might become more multiracial, multigenerational, and multicultural.
Inspired by strategies and experiences to better engage my congregation in its work for justice.
33% of survey complete.