Volunteer Details

Thank you for your willingness to participate in Penn Nursing class N215 - Women Across the Lifespan - as a patient volunteer. We are seeking women who are 55 and older. Volunteers will speak with two students per session, answering a list of questions prepared by the student, as well as participating in a physical exam and medication reconciliation. 

There are 6 separate dates with various time slots assigned. 

Volunteers will be asked for their personal health history, including a sexual history, and to participate in a physical examination (see question with details).  

The sessions will be videotaped for student reflection only.

* 1. Please fill in your contact information.

* 2. Please note your affiliation to Penn Nursing. Check all that apply.

* 3. If you are a Penn graduate, please list your degree(s) and year(s) of graduation.

* 4. During which sessions are you able to participate? Be sure to only check those that you plan to attend.

Note: Participating in multiple sessions is encouraged but not required.

* 5. Complimentary parking on campus will be available. Are you interested in receiving campus parking during your volunteer experience? Details will be provided in follow up communications.

* 6. Our students need to practice their physical exam skills.  Are you willing to participate in a general physical exam (no private parts, but you will be asked to be in a gown with just your undergarments on) during your scheduled volunteer session(s)?