Selection Criteria

Candidates must have an MPA, MPP or PhD degree (or their predecessor degrees) from the George Washington University.

Accomplishments in the following areas will be considered:
• Professional Attainment and Achievement – Candidates should have attained prominence in their career or profession. Work should have a demonstrated and wide-ranging impact.
• Public Service/Outstanding Service to Field or Profession – Candidates should have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, teaching, and service in the fields of public policy and/or public administration or active and reflective engagement in local, national, and global governance.

Nomination Deadline is January 15, 2017.

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* 5. In the space below, please explain why you believe your nominee should be recognized by the Trachtenberg School for an Alumni Award. If you would like to submit any additional supporting documentation (resume/CV, biographical profiles, letter of recommendation, news clippings, etc) please send them to

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