Come join us for the second annual 20s/30s retreat!

The Saint Mark's 20s/30s are going on an overnight retreat at the beautiful Wapiti Retreat Center in Wapiti, Maryland. We'll start by gathering for dinner on Friday, June 15, and finish after dinner on Saturday, June 16. Wapiti is a beautiful place right on the water - it's the perfect spot to relax, center down, and pray. We'll spend our time together in prayer, worship, spiritual reflection, open conversation, and intentional quiet. We'll also allow for lots of time to be outside and to be together in a more relaxed way - eating together, cooking meals, and just hanging out. We'll conclude our time after dinner on Saturday evening so that we can all be back for Mass on Sunday at Saint Mark's!

Here are the details:

Arrival - 7pm, Friday, June 15
...or arrive earlier! We can get in to the center as early as 1pm, so if you'd like to take a half day off of work, come on down!

Departure - 8pm, Saturday, June 16

Address: 470 Wapiti Ln, North East, MD 21901

Travel time: Google maps says around 1.5 hours. It should take less time if there's not as much traffic.

Cost: $100/person - this includes your room, fees, and all meals, drinks, and snacks
*If you need some help with the cost, please talk to Mother Takacs. Saint Mark's would like to make this retreat accessible to all of our 20s/30s!

Accommodations: There are two beautiful buildings with rooms for sleeping - some of them are more like relatively nice hotel rooms and some of them are more like bedrooms. Some have a private bath, and some do not.

What to bring: comfy clothes, a journal, your Book of Common Prayer, and anything else you'd like to bring along!

There is somewhat limited space for this retreat, so check the dates and let us know right away if you'd like to come with us. We'll do the very best that we can to make room for everyone who would like to go.

Hope lots of you can join us!

- Mother Takacs

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* 1. Would you like to go on this retreat? If so, how many of you are there?

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* 2. If you're part of a couple, would you prefer to have your own room?

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* 3. If you're not part of a couple, do you mind sharing a room with others?

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* 4. Is there anyone in particular you'd like to room with?

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* 5. Are you able to help out if there are people who need assistance paying for the retreat? If so, how much can you donate?

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* 6. What time to you think you'll be arriving? (Just give us your best guess.)

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* 7. I'm most looking forward to...

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* 8. I'm a little bit nervous about...

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* 9. Any dietary restrictions?

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* 10. What would you be willing to help out with - before or during the retreat?