This is an anonymous survey for members, active and inactive of the DGT Alumni Association. Active and inactive members include Pratt students who were members of Delta Gamma Theta-Alpha, Delta Gamma Theta-Omega, Tau Delta Phi - Tau Sigma, or graduates of the Gallery House Fellowship Program who received Delta Gamma Theta as honorary letters.

In 2017 DGT Alumni Association is seeking to plan and begin implementing activities that will make being a member of the DGT Alumni Association even more meaningful for you, and attractive to future generations of members. This survey, to be followed by focused group discussions via web-conference, is intended to help identify and prioritize ideas from the membership. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Question Title

* 1. How do you rate the following suggestions?  Would you say Definitely Not Interested, Somewhat disinterested, Neutral, Somewhat Interested, or Definitively Interested

  Definitely not Interested Somewhat disinterested Neutral Somewhat interested Definitely interested
Group attendance at spectator sport events (e.g. basketball or baseball games, etc.)
Backyard BBQ's, regularly scheduled at the House in warm weather
Group nightclubbing
Virtual group reunions (via web-conference)
Virtual professional workshops/discussion groups (via web-conference)
Group travel, international
Group concert attendance
Feature news artlcles on the website and in the e-letter about DGT Alumni
Coaching of Undergraduates (via web-conference)
Regional or state gatherings in member homes
DGT Alumni Association golfing trips or tournaments
Gallery Exhibits featuring works or presentations by DGT Alumni (all disciplines)
Special interest Discussion Groups (via web-conference/all disciplines)
Group museum, gallery trips
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the House
Game nights at DGT
Annual Pratt Alumni Day and Reunion at the House
Group skiing trips
Reunions (e.g. by pledge year, graduation year, or induction year in the case GHP Fellows)
Group beach trips
Drop in sports bar evenings at DGT with big screen and home brew
Group cruises
Group picnics
Group camping trips (e.g. member and/or family)

Question Title

* 2. Do you have additional suggestions that you would definitely like to see included as an activity for DGT Alumni?