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This survey is intended to measure the economic impact of the CPSIA or Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It is set up for both small retail and manufacturing businesses. More information is provided at close.

February 10, 2009 is the deadline requiring children’s products to have a GCC (General Conformity Certificate) certifing that such items contain no more than 600 ppm lead. Without GCCs, even inherently lead-free products are legally designated "banned hazardous substances".

If you manufacture and sell your products consumer direct, please select responses indicating "manufacturer". If you sell products you buy in addition to those you make, do the best you can.

* 1. Of the total products you sell or make, what is the percentage of children's products?

* 2. In terms of economic impact, how will this affect your business on a scale of 1-6?

* 3. Please check this if you sell goods and/or services to business that sell or manufacture children's products. In the rest of the survey, indicate the impact losing these customers would be. Thanks.

* 4. RETAILERS ONLY: Why will this affect your business?

* 5. MANUFACTURERS ONLY: Why will this affect your business?

* 6. Please select any of the likely impacts on your business: