1. Are you aware that Haringey Council is still trying to sell Alexandra Palace to a property developer?

2. The Council maintains that Alexandra Palace is a burden on the ratepayers. My view is:

3. The declared policy of Haringey Council is to grant a 125 year lease on Alexandra Palace to their "preferred development partner". In my opinion, I:

4. Which of the following are you not aware of:

5. The Council has had stewardship of Alexandra Palace and Park since 1980 and they manage it through Alexandra Palace Trading Ltd., a company wholly owned by the Board. As guardians of our charity, I would rate Haringey:

  Excellent Very good Mediocre Poor Terrible N/A

6. As a member of the public, have you ever attended one of the following meetings open to the public?

7. From early December 2006 to 5 January 2007, the Charity Commission held a Public Consultation about the Lease (this Consultation was ruled unlawful in the Judicial Review on 5 October 2007).

8. Thanks to the Judicial Review, most of the provisions of the Lease, Master and Project agreements are now in the public domain. Of the following Lease provisions, which one concerns you the most?

9. Are you aware of the SaveAllyPally.com website?

10. If you are not already on the SaveAllyPally.com mailing list and would like to be included, please complete the following: