About the Youth Observer Election Process

About the Youth Observer to the UUA Board of Trustees

The Youth Observer is a one-year position on the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees, elected each spring by congregational youth groups across the country. The Youth Observer serves as the primary liaison between General Assembly Youth Caucus and the Board, and also represents a larger youth voice on the Board in collaboration with the Youth Trustee. Here are some of the Youth Observer’s duties:

Staying current on issues of interest to UU youth in districts and congregations, linking and nurturing relationships between youth leaders, informing GA Youth Caucus of relevant Board issues and discussions.

The Youth Observer attends each Board meeting as a non-voting member. Candidates must be high school aged through the 2012-13 school year and active in their congregations.

Timeline for Electing the 2012-13 Youth Observer:

• March 30: Youth Observer candidate info, voting ballots available; voting opens

• April 23: Youth Observer voting ballots must be received (postmark Apr. 20)

• April 27: Youth Observer election winner announced

For more information, click this link to visit the Youth Observer webpage.

Voting Instructions

Eligibility: Voting youth must be active in their religious community. “Active” may be defined as regularly participating, registered in the religious education program, or congregational membership. Each congregation determines what this means for them.

Voting Formula: Youth groups complete one ballot per congregation. Groups receive one vote per five voting youth participants up to 30 youth, and one vote per each additional 10 youth or fraction thereof.

Directions: Complete this online ballot form with required contact information. It may be easiest to complete your ballot with all participating youth present, such as at a regular youth group meeting. You can use whatever decision making process works for the youth in your congregation to make your voting choices. A minister, religious education professional, or congregational president must give their electronic signature to the completed ballot for verification of your vote.

BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MONDAY, APRIL 23 at midnight (in your time zone). The point of contact listed on your Voting Ballot will receive confirmation that we have received your Ballot.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at youth@uua.org or 617-948-4350. Thank you for your participation!