1. Survey of Micro-49 Attendees. All answers anonymous.

* 1. What was your overall impression of MICRO?

* 2. What was your impression of the MICRO Workshops and Tutorials?

* 3. What was your impression of the poster session?

* 4. What most closely reflects your preference in terms of papers selected and program style?

* 5. What was your impression of the Howard Hotel for conference activities?

* 6. What was your impression of the excursion to the Shung Ye Museum and the National Palace Museum?

* 7. What was your view of Taipei as a venue for Micro?

* 8. How do you view Micro's new October timeslot vs recent history of Micro in December?

* 9. How would you view Micro sharing a joint venue with other conferences such as PACT?

* 10. Please provide any other comments