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Thanks for you interest in FanLit — we look forward to getting to know you!

What you might like to know first:

• FanLit is a non‐profiting website, so reviewers are not compensated — this is a volunteer position for those who love to read and discuss speculative fiction. Reviewers will receive advanced review copies of books.

• All regular reviewers are equal voting members of the FanLit staff.

• Reviewers are expected to regularly contribute reviews in a timely manner and to contribute to site operations (e.g., editing, publicity, blogging, site construction). We each aim to produce at least one review every two weeks and to contribute an average of one hour per week of work on the site. In reality, nobody is clocking in and out, and we realize that there are times when life is too busy, but we try to each contribute our share to keep the site functioning at its optimal level which means 2 or 3 posts (reviews and/or columns) daily.

• While reviewers are not required to read books that they don’t want to read, we have general goals which members should embrace. Our vision is to provide an excellent resource for SFF readers — a reliable place where they can find information and reviews for thousands of speculative fiction books. To that end, we have these priorities for book reviewing:

1. Review a large proportion of newly released speculative fiction novels, especially those by new authors or those which begin a new series.
2. Review at least one book by every speculative fiction author ever published by a mainstream press.
3. Fill in as many gaps as possible by producing a review for as many old and new SFF books as possible.

This does not mean that we never read and review books that have already been reviewed, but that we purposely work together to accomplish these three goals, making it a priority to read unreviewed works.

• We never profit from books we receive from publishers. This is considered unethical by publishers and authors. We don’t sell them or trade them at swap sites. If we decide not to keep them, we give them away on the website or, if nobody wants them, we give them to our public libraries. These latter actions promote the book and are endorsed by authors and publishers.

• We want to minimize the number of regular staff we have so that we don’t seem big and impersonal. Those who are no longer able to contribute regularly retire so that we can add people who can contribute. Retirees’ reviews are kept on the site.

• All reviews written for FanLit become the property of FanLit. Reviewers are free to post them elsewhere (e.g., Amazon, Goodreads) after they are published at FanLit (please provide a link back to the original review at FanLit), but we reserve the right to keep a member’s reviews on the website if the member leaves. There are two reasons we insist on this. 1. Taking down someone's reviews could take us many hours of work. 2. Reviews and other posts are an integral part of our site. They are connected to comments, links around the web, etc. Removing them is like ripping a thread out of a piece of fabric -- it could cause our site to unravel in places.  

• All reviewers are required to sign an anti‐plagiarism pledge as part of the application process.

• We recommend that you become familiar with our site before applying. We are looking for reviewers who share our tastes and review styles.

• For SFF bloggers: If you run an SFF blog, please apply as a Guest. Guest reviewers may submit their previously‐published reviews for books that we have not already reviewed. We’ll provide a link back to your blog in a profile and at the end of your reviews. It is likely that we’ll remove your review if one of our regular staff reviews that book.

Important: SurveyMonkey does not alert us to new applications. Please email admin@fantasyliterature.com after submitting.

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Please tell us a little about yourself including education, job, hobbies, or anything else you think we should know:

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Please tell us about your reading preferences:

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How familiar are you with FantasyLiterature.com? Why do you want to be a FanLit reviewer? (Hint: We are looking for evidence that you are familiar with our site and that you know what we're looking for.)

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We'd like to get a sense of the depth and breadth of your knowledge of speculative fiction by asking you about the authors you've read.

For each of the following authors indicate how much you like that author's work. (SKIP UNREAD AUTHORS.)

We do not expect that you'll have read even one third of these authors. We are simply trying to determine whether your knowledge, experience, and "niche" fits our current needs.

Leave blank any authors you haven't read. Feel free to comment on any of the authors — the more information you can give us, the better we can get to know you.

  In my top ten I love this author I like this author I feel neutral I dislike this author
Abercrombie, Joe
Abraham, Daniel
Adams, Richard
Alexander, Lloyd
Anderson, Poul
Anthony, Piers
Asimov, Isaac
Atwood, Margaret
Bacigalupi, Paolo
Baker, Kage
Barker, Clive
Barrie, J.M.
Barron, Laird
Baum, L. Frank
Beagle, Peter S.
Bear, Elizabeth
Bennett, Robert Jackson
Berg, Carol
Bishop, Anne
Black, Holly
Blaylock, James
Bloch, Robert
Bradbury, Ray
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Bray, Libba
Brett, Peter V.
Briggs, Patricia
Brin, David
Brooks, Terry
Brust, Steven
Buckell, Tobias
Bujold, Lois McMaster
Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Butcher, Jim
Cabell, James Branch
Card, Orson Scott
Carey, Jacqueline
Carriger, Gail
Carroll, Jonathan
Carroll, Lewis
Carter, Lin
Cashore, Kristin
Chabon, Michael
Chadbourn, Mark
Cherryh, C.J.
Chiang, Ted
Clarke, Arthur C.
Clarke, Susanna
Colfer, Eoin
Collins, Suzanne
Constantine, Storm
Cook, Glen
Cooper, Susan
Cornwell, Bernard
Chrichton, Michael
Crowley, John
Dean, Pamela
de Camp, L. Sprague
de Lint, Charles
DiCamillo, Kate
Dick, Philip K.
Dickson, Gordon R.
Doctorow, Cory
Donaldson, Stephen R.
Douglass, Sara
Duane, Diane
Duey, Kathleen
Duncan, Hal
Dunsany, Lord
Durham, David Anthony
Eddings, David
Eddison, E.R.
Egan, Greg
Ellison, Harlan
Erikson, Steven
Farmer, Philip Jose
Feist, Raymond E.
Fforde, Jasper
Finlay, Charles Coleman
Flewelling, Lynn
Ford, Jeffrey
Ford, John M.
Friedman, C.S.
Frost, Gregory
Funke, Cornelia
Gaiman, Neil
Garner, Alan
Gemmell, David
Gentle, Mary
Gibson, William
Gilman, Felix
Golden, Christopher
Goldman, William
Goldstein, Lisa
Goodkind, Terry
Goss, Theodora
Graham, Jo
Grant, Mira
Green, Simon R.
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay
Grossman, Lev
Gygax, Gary
Haggard, H. Rider
Hambly, Barbara
Hamilton, Laurell K
Hamilton, Peter F.
Hand, Elizabeth
Hanover, M.L.N.
Harris, Charlaine
Harrison, Harry
Harrison, Kim
Harrison, M. John
Heinlein, Robert A.
Herbert, Frank
Hickman, Tracy & Laura
Hill, Joe
Hines, Jim C.
Hirshberg, Glen
Hobb, Robin
Hobson, M.K.
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
Holdstock, Robert
Holt, Tom
Hopkinson, Nalo
Howard, Robert E.
Huff, Tanya
Hughart, Barry
Jacques, Brian
Jemisin, N.K.
Jeter, K.W.