1. Middle States Parents' Comments on Our Belief Statement

After reading McCaskey High School Campus' Belief Statement below, please respond to the question at the bottom of the page:

The following are the “Core Beliefs” of the McCaskey High School Campus:

We believe all students can reach their highest potential when:
* there is a safe and nurturing learning environment;
* instruction meets their needs
* family, business and community partnerships are strong.

We believe all students and adults thrive in a setting that:
* views trust as the foundation of the program;
* promotes open and honest communication;
* encourages creativity and celebrates success;
* honors individual talents and cultural diversity as sources of strength.

We believe all students and adults can accept accountability for their work and actions when:
* expectations are clear and challenging;
* they have a voice in decisions which directly affect them;
* they are respected for their intrinsic worth.

We believe that the vitality of our community depends upon:
* lifelong learners who are capable of adapting to an everchanging world;
* innovation, risktaking and entrepreneurial spirit;
* involved citizens who accept responsibility for thinking globally and acting locally.

* 1. Do you feel that this statement acturately reflects our belief in the potential and abilities of every student?