Thank you for taking the time to be part of our Troop evaluation of the Nuts About Reading Program

* 1. What is your troop level?

* 2. Is this your first year participating in this program?

* 3. What Nuts About Reading Program trainings did you attend?

* 4. Based on your experience, how effective was the training?

* 5. After attending, how knowledgeable were you about the following?

  Very Knowledgable Somewhat Knowledgeable Not Knowledgeable N/A
Troop Reports
NutE 2.0 (Online Program)
Parent Permission Form
Products Offered
Troop Activities
Important Dates
Troop Proceeds
Online Program Activities
Address Books
Pay Upfront Forms
Nut and Candy Booths

* 6. How did your troop like the E-Reader challenge?

* 7. Please check all program elements your troop participated in

* 8. If you did not participate in any element of the program, did you distribute the girl packets to every girl in your troop?

* 9. Please rate the overall program in the following areas:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Applicable
The program was easy to run
The program was convenient
The girls were enthusiastic
The incentives were good
The nut and candy prices were fair
The magazine prices were fair
My SUNAR was helpful
Council Staff members were helpful
I will likely participate in next year's program

* 10. Did you hear about the Council-sponsored Nuts About Reading Rally in Valley Forge?

* 11. For $3.00/girl, would your troop have been interested in attending a Council-sponsored rally?

* 12. If you answered "yes" to question 11, what will your troop level be in fall 2012?

* 13. Did your troop participate in a Nut and Candy Booth sale?

* 14. Do you have any suggestions for future booth sales?

* 15. Please rate the Nuts About Reading Program overall

* 16. Do you have any suggestions for the 2012 Nuts About Reading Program?