Dear Friend in Christ,

The Holy Communion Church Council and Pastoral Team strive to share the governance of our church with you. Holy Communion Church was created to be run by the people. Therefore, our success is dependent upon an active membership that elect our lay leaders and vote on key issues that impact our congregation.

Please help us to help you by completing our membership form. It helps us to know how many adults, youth, and children we have so that we can customize programs and opportunities that best serve their needs. For example, it helps us to know how many adults need to be baptized so that we can establish a process for those adults who would like to be baptized to get baptized. Our main goal is to have you help us to help you provide for your spiritual needs, allowing you the most fulfillment on your journey of faith.

“All Are Welcome” at Holy Communion Church. And we want in place a way for “All” voices to be heard so that “All” may be served. While you do not need to complete this form to attend services at Holy Communion Church or to volunteer and participate in our various ministries, we hope you do so that we can better serve you and your spiritual needs while worshiping in Central Oregon.

God bless,
Bishop Jim Radloff