The Georgia Public Library Service is pleased to accept nominations for the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The Lifetime Achievement award may given each year to a retired Georgia librarian for their extraordinary service to Georgia public libraries throughout their career. This award recognizes the long-lasting impact of the work done over the span of a library career in Georgia.

Nominees must be retired from full-time work for three years before being eligible for nomination. Given these special requirements, this award may not be presented each year.   

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* 1. Which librarian are you nominating for the Lifetime Achievement Award? Please list:

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* 2. In what ways does this person deserve consideration for Georgia Public Library Lifetime Achievement Award? Showcase the long-term impact of this person's work to the field.

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* 3. Thank you for submitting your nomination. If we have any questions, may we contact you? Please fill in the following: