Welcome to the Crude Oil Quality Association Additives Survey

The COQA Additive Subcommittee will be using the results of this survey to inform the industry on the frequency and types of problems associated with additives seen across the industry. It will also help the subcommittee prioritize its next activities.  The survey responses will be analyzed by the COQA director and secretary and they will generate a report for the subcommittee that will also be posted on the COQA website.  COQA members and the public will not see individual responses.  Any details deemed inappropriate for public discussion will be purged during the reporting process. 

Please view the introductory letter to the survey here (pdf), and follow the instructions throughout.

Please read the definitions (eg. crude type, frequency, severity) carefully.

Please respond only with confirmed events, not hypotheticals or suspicions.

If using a laptop or tablet, please be sure to scroll or "tab" to the right in order to complete each column of the tables in the survey.

Individual responses to the survey will be kept strictly confidential by the COQA Director and Executive Assistant, and providing contact information, while helpful, is completely optional.

Questions may be directed to:
George Lywood, COQA Executive Assistant